Know Us Better

Ayurveda is An age-old Indian medical system and the only holistic system of healing ever known to the humankind.

Ayurveda is the rich storehouse of time tested and effective therapeutic procedures and formulations for the treatment of several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases. These specialized therapies and formulations, while curing diseases, strengthen the immune system in the body and thus help in the prevention of diseases and preservation and promotion of positive health.

In Palm Dream we consider Ayurveda as the harmony of body, mind and soul. We combine medicine and philosophy. We practice this system of medicine with absolute dedication. For us Ayurveda is not just a healthcare system but it is a part and parcel of every aspect of life, in fact it is a lifestyle for us.


You will be housed in one of our six rooms, all facing a beautiful pond of coconut trees which is filled by all kinds of soft and relaxing birdsounds. Our resort is situated in a very natural environment and still in three minutes walk - through the various small lanes of Kovalam full of life and small shops - you can reach the charming beach of Kovalam.

Kovalam is half an hour drive from Trivandrum (capital of Kerala) International airport.


As a courtesy to our ayurvedic customers, smoking in all the premises is not allowed.


Our health and hygiene programs are designed after discovering specific needs, purpose and possibilities from thorough assessment with the patient. Each patient is a person with specific needs for healing and harmony among the body, mind and soul.

Our ayurvedic therapy team benefits from the best ayurvedic training, taking place within the family-run company with all the advantages of our long ayurvedic lineage.

Based on the traditional diagnosis of ayurvedic body types and the use of ancient oil therapies, our ayurvedic health system is widely accepted as a health rejuvenation plan free of side effects. The treatments at the center of our resort always take place under the supervision of our highly qualified and compassionate doctors.

We warmly invite you to relish this unforgettable experience. Relax in the certainty of being in good hands..